High School Concurrent Enrollment

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- Please take your time and read all directions.
- Use only your information (not your parent's/legal guardian's information).
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Student's Name

Please use the same first and last name used on your official high school records. If you aren't sure, you can find this on a report card, any other official documents from your high school, or contact your high school counselor. Do not use nicknames!
Do not use a nickname
Use your full, legal name

Student's Email Address

We highly recommend using a personal email rather than an email address issued by your high school. This will allow you to smoothly transition to a full-time CMC student after high school. Don't have one yet? There are many free email services available!

Do not use your parent's or a shared family email address!

Student's Mailing Address (Postal Address)

Please provide the address where you receive mail:

Student's Phone Number

Student's Birth Date

Use the 8-digit, US format: MM/DD/YYYY
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Student's High School Information

Enrollment Info

Choose your Start Term (Semester) based on when you intend to start taking classes from Colorado Mountain College:
  Between August and November: Fall
  Between January and April: Spring
  Between May and July: Summer


-Such as: "Year, make, and model of your first car?"
-Choose your answer. Remember it!
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